Past Events

Past Events

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TazPin 2022

The inaugural TazPin pinball expo event in 2022 was a resounding success, with over $4,000 raised for the 4K Children’s Ward LGH Auxiliary charity. The event had a fantastic turnout, with hundreds of people attending over three different sessions, including enthusiastic pinball players, families, and people of all ages. Private collectors generously provided over 50 pinball machines for the public to experience, providing a delightful mix of classic and modern machines. The event proved to be a marvelous opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy the excitement of playing and viewing some of the best pinball games created. TazPin’s tremendous success lays the foundation for more events to come and further winning collaboration amongst enthusiasts, private collectors, and charity to benefit a good cause.


Machine Posters

Machine list

TAZPIN 2022 Pinball Machines Manufacturer Year of Manufacture Promotional Flyer
Apollo 13 Sega 1995 Flyer
Back To The Future Data East 1990 Flyer
Bobby Orr Power Play Bally 1978 Flyer
Bram Stoker’s Dracula Williams 1993 Flyer
Celts Haggis Pinball 2021 Flyer
Centaur II Bally 1983 Flyer
Checkpoint Data East 1991 Flyer
Cirqus Voltaire Bally 1997 Flyer
Creature From The Black Lagoon Bally 1992 Flyer
Cue Ball Wizard Gottlieb 1992 Flyer
Devil Riders Zaccaria 1984 Flyer
Dirty Harry Williams 1995 Flyer
Eight Ball Bally 1977 Flyer
Eight Ball Champ Bally 1985 Flyer
Eight Ball Deluxe Bally 1981 Flyer
Fathom (Mermaid Edition) Haggis Pinball 2021 Flyer
Fish Tales Williams 1992 Flyer
Freddy A Night Mare on Elm Street Gottlieb 1994 Flyer
Funhouse Williams 1990 Flyer
Game Of Thrones Stern 2015 Flyer
Hurricane Williams 1991 Flyer
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Bally 1993 Flyer
Judge Dredd Bally 1993 Flyer
Jurrasic Park Data East 1993 Flyer
Locomotion Zaccaria 1981 Flyer
Meteor Stern 1979 Flyer
Monte Carlo Gottlieb 1987 Flyer
No Fear: Dangerous Sports Williams 1995 Flyer
Operation: Thunder Gottlieb 1992 Flyer
Pharaoh Williams 1981 Flyer
PINยทBOT Williams 1986 Flyer
Popeye Saves The Earth Bally 1994 Flyer
Rick And Morty Spooky Pinball 2020 Flyer
Robot Zaccaria 1985 Flyer
RollerCoaster Tycoon Stern 2002 Flyer
Shaq Attaq Gottlieb 1995 Flyer
Star Wars Episode 1 Williams 1999 Flyer
Street Fighter II Gottlieb 1993 Flyer
Tales From The Crypt Data East 1993 Flyer
Tales Of The Arabian Nights Williams 1996 Flyer
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Williams 1991 Flyer
The Flinstones Williams 1994 Flyer
The Getaway: High Speed II Williams 1992 Flyer
The Lord Of The Rings Stern 2003 Flyer
The Lost World Jurassic Park Sega 1997 Flyer
The Simpons Pinball Party Stern 2003 Flyer
The X Files Sega 1997 Flyer
Time Machine Data East 1988 Flyer
Travel Time Williams 1972 Flyer
Twightlight Zone Bally 1993 Flyer
Twister Sega 1996 Flyer
Virtual Pinball Homebrew 2017
White Water Williams 1993 Flyer
Wipe Out Gottlieb 1993 Flyer
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994 Flyer

Honour Roll

All of the past contributors to TazPin are visible on our honour roll celebrating their individual contributions with much thanks.